Cocoa Cinnamon Lip Scrub

A gentle exfoliant to plump lips with moisture and extra nourishment while using all natural, food grade, raw and edible ingredients.

Combination of raw sugar granules gently micro-exfoliates, de-flakes dead skin while nourishing rough lips with the blend of exquisite oils.

Every application smooths, plumps and hydrates lips resulting in soft, supple lips making it perfect base for applying lipsticks and gloss. Cinnamon powder is the active ingredient that increases blood circulation to the lips and enhances plumping effect.

How to Use

Use 3 to 4 times a week before taking beauty sleep by gently massaging an optimal quantity with your fingers. Let it sit for few seconds and wipe it with tisuue or rinse with water. Let the oils soak into the lips by night and observe hydrated, soft, supple lips in the morning.

Every batch is made with fresh ingredients and customized for individual orders. Since this product does not contain any chemical ingredients and preservatives. Please use within 2 to 3 weeks.

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