Citrus Fruit Sugar Body Scrub

Skin Tone correction and brightening
Thorough exfoliation
Instant hydration and glow
Removes dead skin

Sugary-Tangy-Fruity-Sweet body scrub to deeply exfoliate, tightening pores, and moisturize skin.

Combination of raw sugar and brown sugar crystals with this unique blend of nourishing oils exfoliates, buffs dead skin, polish body instantly leaving silky, smooth and glowing skin. Citrus and fruit essential oils help to correct skin tone and brighten while giving fresh natural fragrance.

Free of any synthetic fragrances, chemical preservatives, artificial dyes, petro chemicals or any other toxins. For combination skin type who desire natural exfoliation to moisturize, nourish for a healthy glowing and vibrant skin.

How to Use

Massage 1 scoop of the scrub on damp skin using circular motions over entire body. Apply more dry areas such as knees, heels, and elbows. Let it sit for a minute and rinse with water. No body moisturizer is required post using this scrub.

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