Anti Aging Face Serum

Prevents Fine Line & Wrinkles
Nourishes, Moisturize & Restores skin cells,
Protects from UV rays
Balances Skin-Tone

A complete anti-aging package to reduce fine facial lines and wrinkles around the eyes. It moisturizes and keeps the skin hydrated by locking the moisture during the day and restores the softness, suppleness and glow of the skin during the night.

A blend of more than 25 purely natural & luxury anti-aging ingredients quickly absorbs into the skin making it smoother, firmer and radiant. It boosts your skin with essential vitamins (A,D, E), anti-oxidants, omegas and fatty-acids that protects the skin cells fromĀ harmful UV rays, improving skin-tone and pigmentation.

How To Use

Gently apply/pat 3-5 drops after cleansing face morning and night time by pressing/massaging it with fingertips in upward circular motion, avoiding the immediate eye area until fully absorbed. It can also be combined with moisturizer followed by sunscreen for complete protection.

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